Obion River Regional Library

Obion River Regional Library

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the Obion River Regional Library, and its counterpart regional libraries across the state of Tennessee, is that the citizens of Tennessee will have the information they need for personal growth and development.

The mission of the Tennessee Regional Library System is to make libraries better by:

  • assisting local governments and public libraries in the development and improvement of public library services;
  • assisting libraries in the selection, maintenance and use of library technologies;
  • providing supplementary library materials and digital content to member public libraries and facilitating the preparation of materials for public use;
  • facilitating the sharing of resources between libraries through a delivery system;
  • providing opportunities to participate in shared automation systems;
  • and providing continuing education to local library staff and trustees.


Obion River Regional Library facilitates public library development in Northwest Tennessee.  The region was formed in 1941 as a cooperative project between the Tennessee Valley Authority and the State of Tennessee.  Since then it has evolved from thirteen counties to the present nine, encompassing 4,221 square miles:  Benton, Carroll, Crockett, Dyer, Gibson, Henry, Lake, Obion, and Weakley.

Obion River Regional Library
542 N. Lindell
Martin, TN 38237

Legislators Public Libraries in the Region Staff Trustees


John Stevens

Ed Jackson


Bruce Griffey

Curtis Halford

Bill Sanderson

Andy Holt

Chris Hurt


Mary Carpenter

Assistant Director
Jenny Virgin

Administrative Services Assistant
Lana Coates

Technical Services Assistant
Laura Reaves

Library Information Systems Specialist
CJ Sullivan


Benton County
Alvin Smothers
Mary Lou Marks

Carroll County
Jill Renfro
Braden Maddox

Crockett County
Gail Cooke
Jim Stewart

Dyer County
Sylvia Palmer, Vice-Chairman
Robert Ell Hurt

Gibson County
Dr. Beverley Youree
Don Farmer, Chairman

Henry County
Dr. Norma Gerrell
Susan Pemberton

Lake County
Whitney Ayers
Dr. Robert Shull

Obion County
Ellarine Moses
Mike Cox

Weakley County
The Hon. Thomas L. Moore, Jr.
Nancy Hinds