Old Hickory DuPont Gunpowder Plant Photographs

Old Hickory power house

This small collection of large-format photographs highlights various aspects of the World War One-era Old Hickory Gunpowder plant. DuPont built and operated the plant, under contract for the United States government, to manufacture smokeless gunpowder for the Allied war effort.

The Old Hickory Gunpowder plant was located at a bend in the Cumberland River near Nashville, Tennessee, and was 93% completed by the time of the Armistice of November 11th 1918. The War Department of the Federal government paid all construction costs, which amounted to approximately $83,000,000, and DuPont received $1 in compensation. The Old Hickory Gunpowder plant was the largest munitions plant in the world at the time of operation, 1918-1919, occupying some 4,700 acres and producing half a million pounds of powder a day.