Strickland Sketches

a watercolor sketch of the Ponti di Rotto and the Forum Boarium in Rome

The images in this digital collection consist of original drawings, elevations, ground plans, and watercolor sketches attributed to famed architect William Strickland (1788-1854) and his son, Francis W. Strickland (1818-1895).  The collection includes plans for the Tennessee State Capitol as well as various other buildings including churches, houses, and banks.  Examples of Italianate as well as Greek Revival and Egyptian architecture may be seen in the materials. 

While traveling in Europe in 1838, William Strickland produced a series of elegantly rendered watercolor sketches. In their detail, the sketches chronicle the deep appreciation Strickland had for the classical forms of architecture.  A portion of the images in this collection come from this sketchbook.