Tennessee Advisory Council on Libraries (TACL)

Bylaws of the Tennessee Advisory Council on Libraries


The name of this organization shall be the TENNESSEE ADVISORY COUNCIL ON LIBRARIES.


The functions and responsibilities of this organization shall be those designated by the Secretary of State, and shall include:

  1. Advise the Tennessee State Library and Archives on the development of the long-range program for library services in Tennessee.
  2. Advise the Tennessee State Library and Archives on policy matters in the administration of the long range program.
  3. Assist the Tennessee State Library and Archives in evaluating library programs, services and activities.


  1. Members of the Council shall be appointed by the Secretary of State. Appointments shall be broadly representative of Tennessee and sensitive to Grand Divisions and special populations. Membership shall consist of at least one representative from a public library, a school library, an academic library, a special library and a regional library; a representative of the Tennessee Library Association; a representative of Tenn-Share; and representatives of library users equal to at least one-third of the total Council membership. Membership shall consist of no less than fifteen and no more than eighteen.
  2. With the exception of the representative from TLA, appointments shall be effective at the beginning of the federal fiscal year for a term of three years. No member shall be appointed for more than two full terms which are consecutive.
  3. If a member moves from the state, changes employment so that he/she no longer represents the type of library for which he/she was appointed, or is unable to attend meetings regularly, he/she will be excused from membership. A replacement shall be appointed for the remainder of the term and shall be eligible for appointment to two successive full terms.
  4. The State Librarian and Archivist or a designee shall serve as the official liaison between the Council and the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Liaison and resource persons shall serve without vote.


  1. Officers of the Council shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.
  2. The term of office shall be two years, coinciding with the federal fiscal year. An elected officer may serve no more than two full terms which are consecutive.
  3. Officers shall be elected at the last meeting of the Council prior to the beginning of a new federal fiscal year.
  4. A vacancy for an unexpired term shall be filled by a majority vote of those present at a regular meeting where a quorum is present.


  1. The Chair shall call and preside at all Council meetings, prepare and distribute agenda, appoint all committees and generally perform the duties of a presiding officer.
  2. The Vice-Chair shall serve as temporary Chair in the absence of the Chair.
  3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate account of all business transacted at Council meetings and shall keep all records of the Council on permanent file at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, disseminating copies when necessary.
  4. The Secretary shall notify the appointing authority when vacancies exist on the Council.


  1. Meetings of the Advisory Council on Libraries shall be held no less than three times each federal fiscal year.
  2. A regularly scheduled time shall be set for meetings; however, time, place and length of meetings shall be flexible and shall be set to suit the convenience of the majority of members and the representatives of the State Library and Archives and the Secretary of State, considering the business which needs to be transacted.
  3. The Chair shall be empowered to call special meetings, prepare and distribute agenda, and set the meeting format. No business other than that for which the special meeting is called shall be transacted.
  4. Special meetings shall also be held on petition of a majority of the Council members.
  5. A quorum for the transaction of business will require the presence of a majority of the total appointed members.


Committees shall be appointed by the Chair as required to perform specific functions.


  1. The bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Council by a two-thirds vote of the Council members present provided the proposed amendments have been presented to the total membership in writing at least ten days prior to the vote.
  2. The bylaws shall be reviewed in their entirety at least every two years.


The rules contained in the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the Council in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Council may adopt. Approved by the Tennessee Advisory Council on Libraries.

Revised and approved October 22, 2009

 Members Tennessee Advisory Council on Libraries 2016-2017


Contact Information



Allison, Leah


St. George’s Independent School

1880 Wolf River Blvd.

Collierville, TN  38017

(901) 457-2030


Term of Presidency




Beaty, Bill


3672 Crown Point Road

Louisville, TN  37777

(865) 740-5180


Term as Regional Chair

Public Libraries


Douglas, Lawrence


607 Adams Avenue

Mt. Pleasant, TN  38474

(931) 626-3862


Term as Regional Chair




Ford, Dorothy (Dottie)

1157 Sierra Road

Newport, TN  37821

(423) 721-4929


2nd – 2017

Library User


Goins, Meredith


Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Scientific and Tech. Resources Integration –

P. O. Box 117, MS 17

Oakridge, TN  37831-0117

(865) 241-7544-work


2nd – 2017

Special Libraries


Groves, Richard

P. O. Box 241074

Memphis, TN  38124


Term of Presidency

Tennessee Library Association

Hardin, Meredith

Hardin County Middle School

299 Lacefield Drive

Savannah, TN  38372

(731) 925-9037 ext. 1215 w

(731) 607-5974 c

hardinm11@k12tn.net; merehardin@yahoo.com

2nd – 2018

School Libraries

Hibdon, Kristina



1004 Rhett Place

Lebanon, TN  37087

(615) 547-1779


2nd – 2017




Hinds, Nancy


403 McGill St.

Martin, TN  38237

(731) 587-5693


2nd – 2017




McSwain, Connie

W. G. Rhea Public Library

400 West Washington St.

Paris, TN  38242

(731) 642-1702


1st – 2017

Public Libraries


Mercer, Beth


Ocoee River Regional Library

718 George St., NW

Athens, TN  37303

(423) 745-5194


1st – 2018

Regional Directors



Oliver, Kent


Nashville Public Library

615 Church Street

Nashville, TN  37219

(615) 862-5760


2nd – 2018

Metro Libraries

Peterson, Polly

2203 Kipping Drive

Johnson City, TN  37601

(423) 928-8311 ext.1316


Appointment 2016 Term as Regional Chair

Holston River Region
Sarten, David

1510 Ridge Road

Sevierville, TN  37862

(865) 428-0874 h

(865) 389-3100 c


Appointment 2016 Term as Regional Chair Clinch River Region

Smith, Dr. Steven

John C. Hodges Library

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN  37996-1000

(865) 974-6600


2nd – 2018

Academic Librarian


Spurlin, Jerry


108 Hamilton Lane

Tullahoma, TN  37388

(931) 455-0369

Term as Regional Chair



Witham, Kim

1391 South Main Street

Covington, TN  38019

(901) 475-9031


1st – 2017





Updated March 27, 2017