Tennessee Authors of Adult Fiction, Poetry & Drama: 1970s - Present

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This working list of Tennessee authors of adult fiction, poetry and drama is intended to update and supplement available published works listing Tennessee authors, such as:

  • Tennessee writers: a bibliographic index (Frank Joe Ray, UT masters thesis, 1929)
  • Tennessee in literature (David Harkness, Knoxville, UT, 1949)
  • Tennessee belles-lettres: a guide to Tennessee literature (John W. Warren, Adrian W. McClaren, Morristown, Morrison Print. Co., 1977)
  • Tennessee writers (Thomas Daniel Young, Knoxville, UT, 1981)
  • Literature of Tennessee (ed. by Ray Wilbanks, Macon, Mercer University Press, 1984)

Other published works collect short pieces by Tennesseans and give biographical notes, including the following:

  • Stories from Tennessee (Linda Burton, ed., Knoxville, UT, 1983; see also this author’s UT doctoral dissertation, An anthology of Tennessee short fiction, UT, 1981)
  • Homewords: a book of Tennessee writers (Douglas Paschall, ed., Knoxville, UT, 1986)
  • Homeworks: a book of Tennessee writers (Phyllis Tickle, ed., Knoxville, UT, 1996)
  • A Tennessee landscape, people and places: 1996 Tennessee Writers Alliance anthology (Nat Akin, ed., Franklin, Cool Springs Press, 1996)

A good way to learn about new books by Tennesseans or about Tennessee is to check the feature "Tennessee Bibliography" in the spring issue of the Tennessee Librarian. It has been an annual feature for fifteen years.

This list includes authors with a strong connection to Tennessee writing since 1970. It includes known information about each author, and indicates by short title each post-1970 published monographic work (or piece in a Tennessee anthology) located in a general search. The list is in no way intended to be complete or absolutely accurate; it is a working list and corrections and additions are welcome.

A number of authors have no works listed under their names; this is because they have no monographs known to the compiler at this time. Many of them have had stories, plays and poems published in periodicals and anthologies. These writers are the hardest to identify and keep current files on, and biographical information is often not easily available. If you know of such writers in your community, it would be appreciated if you would let us know so we can make the list more useful.