Record Group 82 is an important visual resource for the study of the history and culture of the State of Tennessee in the mid-Twentieth Century. This collection is the archive of the photographic unit of the Tennessee Department of Conservation. Along with over 21,000 negatives, the collection has more than 11,000 photographs divided into thirty-three series. Most of the photographs have been sorted by the original negative number given by the staff photographers at TDOC. When this collection was processed, it became apparent that the negative numbers corresponded with the chronological history of the photographic unit. This means that the first negative numbers were from the department’s early days in the late 1930s, and the last negatives (#18,000-#20,000) are from the mid-1970s. Additional photographs from other sources are also included in this collection. Occasionally, the Conservationist staff would rely on photographs from others sources such as the Soil Conservation Service, the Tennessee Valley Authority, newspapers, and other entities. Those photographs have been added to each series and documentation to their origin is noted, if known.