Tennessee Place Names and Post Offices: Introduction and Index

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The following list of post offices and Tennessee and their dates of operation will be helpful to genealogists and historians hoping to identify the location of a particular place name. Users should be aware that the county listed is the county in which the post office was located at the time of its creation. Later changes in county boundary lines may have affected the home county of that post office.

This list is based on records at National Archives listing postmaster appointments from 1832 to 1971 (see National Archives microfilm publications M1131 and M841).

An excellent work compiled by D.R. Frazier and published in 1984 provides the names of each postmaster in each Tennessee town or village, and gives the dates of his or her tenure. This book, titled Tennessee Postoffices and Postmaster Appointments 1789-1984 is available in many libraries.

Special thanks are due volunteer Peggie Sides for her work on this project.