Tennessee Public Library Statistics

The Tennessee State Library and Archives participates in the national Public Library Survey administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Many data elements in the Tennessee Public Library Survey form correspond to those required for participation in the national survey, ensuring that Tennessee's public library statistics are comparable to those of the other 49 states and the District of Columbia. These data elements are further defined in the Tennessee Public Library Survey Instructions.

The 2019 annual Tennessee Public Library Survey will open on September 2 and close on September 30, 2019. Questions? Contact Christy Chandler, State Data Coordinator.

Note: The US Census Bureau provides statistics for Tennessee as well as  national library data. Additional Public Library Survey data and reports can be found on the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) website.

Tennessee Public Library Statistics

Tennessee Public Library Staff

Additional resources such as Public Library Survey details, TEL and READS usage, and creating your own reports.

What is your library worth to you?

  • Enter in the left-hand column the number of times per month you or your family use each service.
  • Estimated retail value of each service will be calculated on the right.
  • Total value of your library use is shown at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Tip: Use the "Tab" key to move between entries. Enter numbers into the form only, and do not use commas.


Input Your Use Library Service Value of

The calculator worksheet has been adapted from the downloadable spreadsheet. This spreadsheet requires either Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets. The Tennessee State Library and Archives would like to thank the Maine State Library for giving permission to adapt the calculator for Tennessee use.


Every Library in Tennessee


This map includes all of the libraries in Tennessee including the independents and metropolitans. Click the image to load a separate page that will allow you to zoom in and out, and click on map pins to get more information about each library.

Prior Year Tennessee Public Library Statistics

Christy Chandler, State Data Coordinator