Tennessee State Library and Archives Resource Guides

The purpose of these resource guides is to help identify and clarify some of the vast resources available at Tennessee State Library and Archives. These guides are not comprehensive listings for all archival collections, but rather a sampling of what is available to interested researchers. It is an ongoing project to provide access to materials about Tennessee and, as such, will be updated periodically.

Guide 01.
Guide 02.
Guide 03.
Guide 04.
Guide 05.
Guide 06.
Guide 07.
Guide 08.
Guide 09.
Guide 10.
Guide 11.
Guide 12. Cemetery and Funeral Home Records at the Tennessee State Library and Archives
Guide 13. “Gloriously Fighting a Glorious Cause” : Tennesseans in the War with Mexico, 1846-1848
Guide 14. Korean War Resources at the Tennessee State Library and Archives