Tennessee Taxation Information and Chart, 1796-1899

Ernest N. Haston, Van Buren County federal income tax collector, 1914-1916 

This guide provides a listing of the personal property items that were taxed on Tennesseans during the nineteenth century. The information was gathered from researching the volumes of the Acts of Tennessee that are housed in the Legislative History section of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The guide provides a listing of the items that were taxed, the date that the tax on the item began, and some notations of changes in the tax fees. The tax listings have been put in two types of charts. The first chart offers a chronological listing on the taxation of items, while the second chart provides a listing by item type. This guide should be a helpful resource for genealogists and historical researchers who visit the Library and Archives and want to use the tax lists that are available on microfilm.

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