TLC: Online Catalog Privacy Policy

TLC’s Community Analytics Privacy Statement

Revised: March 23, 2016

TLC’s Use of Google Analytics

The Library Corporation (TLC) uses Google Analytics to gather anonymized data about the use of LS2 PAC, LS2 Staff, LS2 Kids, LS Preferences, and LS2 Preferences. We use this information for the sole purpose of continuing to make our products better. We do not use Google Analytics to gather information about any specific user. We will never sell or share any data we gather through Google Analytics with any third party except where that party is engaged in helping us improve our products; for example, we might share usage data with a usability expert.

We have configured Google Analytics to gather data from your LS2 PAC, LS2 Staff, LS2 Kids, LS Preferences, and LS2 Preferences, and send it to a Google Analytics account that aggregates data from all of our customer’s sites.

Beginning with LS2 PAC version 1.16, LS2 Staff version 1.2.004, LS2 Kids version 2.8.0, LS Preferences version, and LS2 Preferences version TLC’s Community Analytics is available on an Opt-in basis. If, at any time, your library would like TLC’s Community Analytics enabled, you may contact the TLC Support Department to have us turn it on. You may also use the Online Support Center (OSC) to advise TLC to enable this analysis.

Information Gathered

TLC will use Google Analytics in LS2 PAC to look for patterns in how a borrower is using the LS2 PAC site; in LS2 Staff to review what areas a user puts into practice; in LS2 Kids to understand how a child is using the application, and in L•S Preferences/LS2 Preferences to understand what areas in L•S Preferences/LS2 Preferences a user accesses for set up or changes to their library’s policies. Any personal information specifically more