Second Extraordinary Session 2016 - Public Acts
001 As introduced, reinstates prior law regarding offense of underage driving while impaired to ensure compliance with federal zero-tolerance laws; clarifies that the offense applies to persons under 21 years of age who drive while having a blood or breath alcohol concentration of 0.02 percent or more. - Amends TCA Section 55-10-409; Section 55-10-415 and Chapter 1030 of the Public Acts of 2016.
002 As introduced, makes appropriations for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the second extraordinary session of the 109th General Assembly.






HJR9004 Memorials, Recognition John T. Marshall 2016-09-14
HJR9005 Memorials, Personal Achievement Austin Creech, Eagle Scout 2016-09-14
HJR9006 Memorials, Death Jacky Wayne Gilmer 2016-09-14
HJR9008 Memorials, Professional Achievement Elaine Vaughan, Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching 2016-09-14
HJR9010 Memorials, Professional Achievement Lillie Treadway, Tennessee Principal of the Year finalist 2016-09-14
HJR9011 Memorials, Death Representative George Fraley 2016-09-14
HR9001 Memorials, Retirement Jennifer Todd 2016-09-13
HR9002 Memorials, Professional Achievement Siema Swartzel, Tennessee Teacher of the Year finalis 2016-09-14
HR9003 Memorials, Recognition Sullivan County Retired Teachers Association, 50th anniversary 2016-09-14
HR9004 Memorials, Public Service Representative Curry Todd 2016-09-14
SJR9001 Memorials, Recognition United Southeast Federal Credit Union, 75th Anniversary 2016-09-14
SJR9002 Memorials, Sports Goodlettsville All-Stars Little League baseball team  2016-09-14
SJR9003 Memorials, Death Donna Hendrix "Meems" Holsclaw 2016-09-14
SJR9005 Memorials, Retirement Dr. Clif Tennison 2016-09-14
SJR9006 General Assembly, Adjournment Adjourns sine die the Second Extraordinary Session of the 109th General Assembly. 2016-09-14
SJR9007 Memorials, Death Ernest Chism 2016-09-14
SR9001 Memorials, Recognition The Woman's Club of Murfreesboro, 100th anniversary 2016-09-13
SR9002 Memorials, Death Elizabeth Ann "Libby" Murphy 2016-09-14

Motion to Expel Representative Durham of the 65th District

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