State Symbols

The official state amphibian is the Tennessee Cave Salamander.
The official state artifact is "Sandy."
The official state beverage is milk.
The official state bird is the mockingbird and the state game bird is the bobwhite quail.
The state sport fish is the smallmouth bass and the state commercial fish is the channel catfish.
The official flag of the State of Tennessee in addition to the flag of the General Assembly and the flag of the Governor.
The official state wildflowers are the passion flower and Tennessee Echinacea. The state cultivated flower is the iris.
The official state fossil is Ptero.
The official state beverage is the tomato.
The official state gem is the pearl.
The state insects are the honeybee and the ladybug. The state agricultural insect is the honeybee and the state butterfly is the Zebra Swallowtail.
The official state mineral is agate.
The official state paintings are titled Tennessee Treasures and Tennessee Treasures Too, by artist Michael Sloan.
The official state reptile is the Eastern Box Turtle.
The official state rock is limestone.
The official seal of the State of Tennessee.
Explore the official state symbols that represent Tennessee.
A tartan is a traditional cloth pattern of Scottish tradition.
The state tree of Tennessee is the tulip poplar. In addition, the state evergreen tree is the eastern red cedar.
The state wild animal is the raccoon.