Tennessee Public Library Standards

Public library standards provide specific criteria by which libraries can be measured and evaluated. They provide focus and direction for action and accountability within local library communities. Because of shifting populations, improved technology, and increased needs of Tennessee residents, the 2018 Tennessee Standards for Public Libraries should be beneficial to all public libraries in the Tennessee Regional Library System and the people they serve.

Required Documents

Tennessee Public Library Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Agreement    This document is completed annually by each library board and its funding body or bodies, summarizing public funds appropriated and expended for library services in a fiscal year, as well as operating hours maintained. The MOE demonstrates level or increased local annual support for public libraries in return for continued support and resources from the Tennessee State Library & Archives and the Regional Library System through the Tennessee Department of State.   

Tennessee Public Library Service Agreement  This agreement is an annual document signed by a public library board of trustees in order to participate in the Tennessee Regional Library System through the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Tennessee Department of State.   Responsibilities of the library are outlined as well as the responsibilities of the State Library and Its Regional Library.

Official Service Area Population (OSAP)  Each public library is designated a local service population number using one of various methodologies utilizing census data. This information is provided through the Tennessee State Library and Archives.


Additional Resources

Tennessee Public Library Comparison of Responsibilities   This resource for Library Trustees, Directors, Friends of the Library and the Regional Libraries provides an overview and comparison of the various roles each of those stakeholders play in order to successfully operate a public library in Tennessee.

Tennessee Open Meetings Law    This is a reprinted text of Tennessee Code Annotated Title 8 Chapter 44 Public Meetings. Permission granted by the State Of Tennessee.

Tennessee Code on Ethical Standards This is a reprinted text of Tennessee Code Title 8 Public Officers and Employees Chapter 17 Ethical Standards for Officials.