History and Genealogy

Family Bible Records Project

The Tennessee State Library and Archives holds hundreds of family Bible records in several formats and within many collections. The Bible records featured here were taken from photocopies in the Library and Archives' vertical files; additional records will be added as they are donated or discovered in manuscripts collections. The bulk of the records in this collection date between the late 18th and early 20th century. Many prominent Tennessee families are represented here; some records even include the names of families’ slaves.

Ordering Records from the Tennessee State Library and Archives

This page provides links for the ordering of materials from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The materials for order include census records, county and municipal records (marriage, divorce, wills, deeds, courts), legislative acts and petitions, military records, state records (birth and death), microfilm reels, state records, manuscript collections, images and microfilm digitization, and materials through Interlibrary Loan.

Death Records

This page describes the death records and death certificates that were recorded at the city, county and state level in Tennessee. The page provides several links to web sites that index many Tennessee death records.

Guide to Church Records at the Library & Archives: Manuscripts & Books

Church records can be very useful for genealogy researchers as they often contain membership lists, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and burial records. The Tennessee State Library and Archives has a large number of church records that date to the founding of the state. This guide is a compilation of all church records in the Library and Archives' collections and is divided according to location: Church Records on Microfilm; Church Records in Manuscripts, Small Collections, and Manuscripts Files; and Published Church Records Found in the Library Collection. Additions to our church record collection are listed in a separate guide.


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