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Tennessee Postcards : Adams - Center Hill Dam/Lake

This web page provides an index to the Tennessee Postcard Collection, available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The index is arranged alphabetically by place and includes a brief description of each card, including title, notation of any textual narrative printed on the card, and identifying numbers. This section of the index covers Adams through Center Hill Dam / Lake.


The Simpson Papers, 1862-1906, are composed of approximately 300 items dealing primarily with the career of Captain Samuel Robert Simpson as Quartermaster in the 30th Tennessee Regiment of the Confederate Army. One volume in the collection contains records of the members of the various companies of the 30th Tennessee Regiment, giving dates, places, and circumstances of their imprisonments, woundings, deaths, and burials with information added as late as 1906, the year of Captain Simpson’s death. There are a large number of clippings dealing with the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars and other historical subjects. Many of the clippings are the articles of Colonel A. K. McClure, some of which were clipped from the Philadelphia Record and some from the Nashville American. Three small volumes contain Captain Simpson’s diary during the four years 1861, 1862, 1863, and 1864. About 100 items make up the ordnance reports, requests, muster rolls, and payrolls of the 30th Tennessee Regiment. Some biographical material, personal memorabilia, and photographs make up the remainder of the collection.


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