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About Looking Back: The Civil War in Tennessee

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War (2011-2015), the Tennessee State Library and Archives is sending teams of archivists and conservators across the state of Tennessee to document and preserve Civil War-era materials. Thus far, the team has digitized thousands of original items that have rarely been viewed by the public. Digital copies of these documents and artifacts, representing the rich Civil War heritage of Tennessee families, have now become part of a virtual exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of the war in Tennessee. The Library and Archives staff continues to make visits to counties across the state, so please check back regularly in order to view new items.

Stirring Up the Past: Revolutions in Tennessee Cooking

Online exhibit covering the history of cooking, including how the latest technology has transformed the face of modern day cooking. The exhibit delves into Native American cooking, Pioneer/Civil War cooking, Victorian cooking and cooking in the Modern Age. Whether you eat fitness bars or indulge in Ben and Jerry’s, our exhibit will satisfy your hunger to know how food preparation originated.

Guide to African American Genealogy-Related Documents Prior to 1865

This guide divides the African American materials into six categories: Manuscripts Collections; Microfilm Only Collections; Supreme Court Cases (east & middle Tennessee); Acts of Tennessee 1796-1850; Legislative Petitions 1799-1861; and Bible Records, Church Records, Correspondence, Diaries and Memoirs, Documents, Genealogical Data, and Small Collections.


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