History and Genealogy


Consists of the administrative records of the Society of Tennessee Archivists, formerly Tennessee Archivists, including files relative to Tennessee Archives Month. This professional organization first met informally at various locations of the State beginning in 1973. The first pre-organization meeting occurred in Nashville at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Twenty-nine people attended this meeting, many of whom worked in the archives field. Discussion included various topics in archival processing, administration, preservation of historical materials and reference services. Participants discussed the organization of a standing professional association of archivists and those involved in the historical preservation field. After several pre-organization meetings, at a meeting held at Brandon Springs Group Camp, Land Between the Lakes, a vote was taken to organize officially as a new professional archives organization with the founding of “Tennessee Archivists.” Members adopted the Bylaws and Articles of Organization and elected the first officers. Linda Bauch of the State Library and Archives served as first president of the organization. The group first met biannually at various institutions in the State. After the organization of the Southern Archivists Conference (SAC) in 1985, members of Tennessee Archivists voted to associate with the regional archival organization. At present, SAC consists of four state archival groups: the Society of Mississippi Archivists, the Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association, the Society of Alabama Archivists and the Tennessee association. In 1996, members amended the Articles of Organization and decided to have only one annual meeting. In 1997, another bylaws vote among members resulted in the organization changing its name to the Society of Tennessee Archivists. The records in this collection consist of administrative files, president’s files, meeting files, archival advocacy issues, membership records, treasurer’s files, and records relative to the annual Tennessee Archives Month, which the Society sponsors. This collection will continue to accrue additional records as necessary. The archivist of the Society of Tennessee Archivists is the caretaker of these administrative and historical records of the organization.


The Lone Oak Baptist Church of Christ in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, loaned these records for microfilming through the agency of Carolyne Knight. The collection consists of ledgers, notebooks, and legal pad notes detailing church sermons, activities, and business for the years 1917-1993. The collection consists of .5 cubic feet, and there are no restrictions.


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