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Official lists of officers and soldiers enlisted or otherwise accounted for in Tennessee military units or companies. The records are a sizeable compilation of U.S., Confederate, and U.S. Colored Troops muster rolls from across the state. There are records of soldiers mustering into and out of service, as well as miscellaneous documents such as oaths of allegiance, conscriptions, and Field and Staff Rolls. Some are full musters containing complete company rosters of around 60-70 soldiers, whereas some only list a dozen. All are descriptive. Other documents may list one man or a handful of men. In general, records provide names of the enlisted, mustering officers, dates, locations, regiments, and companies. Sometimes the comments provide information on the soldier’s whereabouts. Others provide place of birth, physical description, and occupation.


Collection includes seven ledgers of various sizes. The first ledger belongs to King Carr and Son Undertakers and Embalmers, 1915-1918. The second volume is an account book from a general store owned by James Madison Chamberlain, 1922-1923. The third ledger is from the Secretary District Advisory Board and its study on the Enumeration of Scholastic Population for the Year 1913, District 12. The fourth ledger is from a general store owned by Edgar Grant King, 1904-1905. The fifth ledger is from a general store owned by George Lewis Walton and Captain William M. Haley, 1897-1899. The sixth ledger is from a general store owned by Lewis F. Pipkin and his wife, Mary Ann Duke Pipkin, 1918-1958. The seventh ledger is an account book from a general store owned by John Sylvester Wooten.


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