History and Genealogy


Consists of oral interviews conducted by Dan Kennerly in 1981 and 1982 as he was researching the Battle of Parker’s Crossroads as well as the movements of General Nathan Bedford Forrest during the Civil War in the Parker’s Crossroads area of West Tennessee. The Battle of Parker’s Crossroads occurred December 31, 1862 through January 1, 1863. Interviews were conducted in numerous locations in the area, mostly in the individuals’ homes. A portion of the audio was recorded while Mr. Kennerly was driving around the area in search of various battle sites and encampments during the war. Audio was recorded on audiocassette tapes, but has been digitized and saved on compact discs as well as on the internal server of the Library and Archives. Some interviews include partial transcripts while others simply contain a sheet with notes by Mr. Kennerly listing who was interviewed on each tape. Mr. Kennerly conducted numerous interviews and divided the material into 16 folders, generally by date of interview. The audio files are named to match the folder they were housed in, and unfortunately not all 16 folders have audio available. A listing of interviews contained in each folder is included in the Container List for this finding aid. Due to the poor condition of the audiocassette tapes, the originals were digitized and destroyed upon verification of the digitized versions’ sound quality.


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