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Consists of scrapbooks, recipe files, photographs, home movies, business documents, correspondence, pins, a yearbook, and a family Bible. Henry Collier Leech compiled the bulk of the collection as a series of scrapbooks for his children, Florence Collier Leech Simmons and Horace Hale Leech. An index shows Leech originally compiled seven volumes. This collection includes three of the seven volumes. Leech created these scrapbook volumes as a history of his life and family. The chapters in Volume 2 highlight specific family members while Volume 3 contains his personal diary and narration. The additional items were added by Leech’s son, Horace. Box 1 containing the home movies is stored in the vault at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.


The Ernest McDaniel Papers, 1896-1904, are arranged in alphabetical order by document type and consist of 171 items. One hundred and twenty-eight of these items are correspondence that Ernest McDaniel wrote to his future wife, Leontine Whiteside, during the years of 1896 to 1904. This correspondence details their seven year courtship, his service in the Spanish-American War from 1899 to 1900, as well as day to day happenings. The collection also includes four newspaper clippings from 1898 to 1900 and not dated. One article in particular is part of a series of letters describing the voyages, battles, bombardments, and hardships of a year’s campaign in the Philippines. Ernest McDaniel wrote letter number nine describing his experience of the insurrection. Another article is about Ernest McDaniel himself and is entitled “He Founded First Newspaper In Tulsa When It Was Village.” One article includes several letters from soldiers in the Philippines and another is called “How Joe


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