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The Tennessee State Library and Archives, Office Files, 1870-2005 consists of records relating to the activities the Tennessee State Library and Archives. These records include: staff correspondence, daily operations files, files created by former department heads, statistical reports, records disposition authorizations (RDA), minutes from the Tennessee State Library and Archives Commission, the Loose Records Programs, and visitor log volumes.


Consists of Tennessee Department of Human Services Tennessee Technology Access Program (TTAP) materials, primarily related to council appointments, meeting minutes, and financial reports. Various meeting minutes span 1990 to 2006, and financial and annual reports span 1994 to 2008. Restricted materials comprise Folders 1-30 of Box 1, which contain program applications with confidential information pursuant to TCA 10-7-504.


Consists of microfiche images of property assessment data for counties across Tennessee. The assessment data occurs two different ways: alphabetical by property owner name (Alpha) and geographical by property parcel number (Geo). The information in this collection includes almost every county in Tennessee except for the major counties of Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, and Shelby. Also, for Unicoi County there are only assessments available for the years 1993-1996. This collection provides very valuable information regarding not only land ownership, but also how parcels were classified, such as commercial, industrial, agricultural, or residential. This information will assist both genealogical researchers as well as anyone looking for information regarding the history of a specific tract of land.


Consists of a scrapbook titled “With the 30th in Tennessee, Second Army Maneuvers, June 2-28, 1941.” It contains dozens of illustrated newspaper articles and two panoramic photographs. Unfortunately, the G-2 Section (Military Intelligence) did not identify the source newspapers, though they likely represented Columbia, South Carolina, and Chattanooga, Manchester, Shelbyville, and Nashville, Tennessee. The compilers pasted a panoramic glossy photograph of the 30th Infantry (Old Hickory) Division staff opposite the title page. Between the title page and the first page of clippings lay a loose panoramic view of a change of command ceremony at the “Dust Bowl,” Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in May 1942.


The records consist of performance bonds, schedules of bonds, statements of condition, court cases, a letter concerning the removal of records from wartime Nashville, bills, bonds, notes issued and redeemed, material relative to the sinking fund, board minutes, names of boards of directors, material on the common school fund, check ledgers, discount credit books, cash books, daily ledger, a daily journal, two letter books, an exhibit from a law suit, and certificates and registers of warrants. Due to poor penmanship and time some of the names on these documents are illegible and are not indexed. In addition to the state banks, this record group also contains some material on the following banks: Agricultural Bank of Tennessee, Bank of America, Bank of Athens, Bank of Chattanooga, Bank of Claiborne, Bank of Commerce, Bank of Dandridge, Bank of East Tennessee, Bank of Nashville, Bank of Paris, Bank of West Tennessee, Farmers Bank of Tennessee, First National Bank of Chattanooga, First National Bank of Nashville, Fourth National Bank of Nashville, Bank of Jefferson, Bank of Knoxville, Bank of Memphis, Bank of Middle Tennessee, Ocoee Bank, People’s Bank, Planters Bank of Tennessee, River Bank, Tennessee National Bank at Memphis, Union & Planters Bank, Union Bank of Tennessee, Union Bank of the State of Tennessee, Buchs Bank, Citizens Bank, City Bank, Commercial Bank of Tennessee, Exchange Bank of Tennessee, Farmers & Merchants Bank of Memphis, Memphis City Bank, Merchants Bank, Nashville Bank, Northern Bank of Tennessee, Southern Bank of Tennessee, Southwest R.R. Bank of Charleston, Tennessee Savings Institution, Traders Bank, Yeatman Woods & Co. Bank.


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