Hickman County

Hickman County

Hickman County was formed in 1807 from Dickson County

(Acts of Tennessee 1807, Chapter 44)

The county seat is Centerville.

There was a fire at the Hickman County courthouse in 1864.


Selected Published County Histories
  • Account of Negro Sunday Time at Mount Aetna Furnace, 1854-1863 (WPA, 1938) [name index]
  • Brief History of the Twelfth Civil District of Hickman County (Dotson, 1999) [name index]
  • Glimpses of Hickman County History (Columbia State Community College, 1975)
  • Hickman County Sesquicentennial Commemorating 150 Years of Progress (Hickman County (Tenn.) Sesquicentennial Corporation, 1957)
  • Hickman County, Tennessee: A Pictorial History (Hickman County Historical Society, 1999) [name index]*
  • Hickman County, Tennessee History (Dotson, 1993)*
  • Historical Events of Hickman County, Tennessee [v.1 1900-1950; v. 2 1951-2000] (Mayberry, Sawyer & Armistead, 2007) [name index]
  • Historical Sketches of Hickman County, Tennessee (Garrett, 1978) [name index]
  • History of Hickman County, Tennessee (Spence, 1981) [name index]*
  • History of Tennessee from the Earliest Time to the Present: Together with a Historical and a Biographical Sketch of Lawrence, Wayne, Perry, Hickman and Lewis (Goodspeed, 1979)
  • Patchwork History of Hickman County: Hickman County, 1807-1984 (Dye, 1984)
  • Primm Springs: Where Time Stands Still (198?)*
  • Short History of the Third Civil District of Hickman County (Dotson, 2001) [name index]
  • Swan Church Book, August 19, 1852-February 6, 1870; Swan Church Minutes, 1871-1903 (Sawyer, undated)

Additional county and community histories can be found at the Bibliography of Tennessee Local History Sources: Hickman County. The items in the bibliography may not all be available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  


Published Local Records
  • 1820 Census of Hickman County, Tennessee (Pierce, 1987) [alphabetical]*
  • 1836 Tax List of Hickman County, Tennessee (Linn-Shell Publishing Co., 1987)
  • 1850 Census of Hickman County, Tennessee (Garrett & Gilliam, 1967) [surname index]*
  • 1878-1893 Obituaries, Hickman Pioneer (Sawyer, 200?) [name index]
  • 1880 Census Hickman County, Tennessee (Sistler, 1999) [alphabetical by head of household]*
  • 1910 Census Hickman County, Tennessee (Tatum, 1984) [surname index]
  • Census of Hickman County, Tennessee, 1820 (1987) [alphabetical by head of household]
  • Cheatham County, Tennessee, Dickson County, Tennessee, Hickman County, Tennessee, Humphreys County, Tennessee, Lawrence County, Tennessee [1891 enumeration of male voters] (Reed, 1982)
  • Columbia & Surrounding Counties, Tennessee Polk City Directory [1990, 1991, 1992, 2003-2016] (R.L. Polk & Co.)
  • Confederate Soldiers of Hickman County, Tennessee and Their Family Lines (Hickman County Historical Society, 2005) [alphabetical]
  • Court Records of Hickman County, Tennessee, 1833-1856 (Leeper, 1968) [surname index]
  • Death Records of Hickman County, Tennessee (Lynch, 1986) [surname index]
  • Deed Books A, B, C, 1808-1817, Hickman County, Tennessee (Crumpton, 2000) [name index]*
  • Excerpts from Quarterly and Monthly Minutes of Hickman County, Tennessee, 1881-1932 (Dotson, 2001) [name index]*
  • Family and Military Records from Spence's History of Hickman County, Tennessee (Leeper, 1965) [surname index]
  • Hickman County, Tennessee, 1850 Census (Linn-Shell Publishing Co., 199?) [surname index]*
  • Hickman County, Tennessee, Cemetery Records (Garrett & McClain, 1982) [name index]*
  • Hickman County, Tennessee Cemetery Records, Part II (Garrett & Lynn, 1976) [name index]
  • Hickman County, Tennessee, Cemetery Records. Part II (United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1989) [name index]*
  • Hickman County, Tennessee Court Records 1814-1829 Land Grants, Deeds, Plats, Bills of Sale (Dotson, 1982) [name index]
  • Hickman County, Tennessee Death Records [vol. 1 1947-1951] (Hickman County, Tennessee Historical Society, 2004-) [name index]*
  • Hickman County Tennessee Deed Book B, 1811-1813 (WPA, 1937) [name index]
  • Hickman County, Tennessee Deeds [December 1807 - March 1835] (Hutchings, 2002) [name index]
  • Hickman County Tennessee Deeds, Volume A, 1808-1811 (WPA, 1937) [name index]
  • Hickman County Tennessee Guardian & Administrative Settlements, 1844-1852 [vol. 1 1844-1846; vol. 2 1847-1852] (WPA, 1937) [name index]
  • Hickman County Tennessee Minute Book, 1844-55 (WPA, 1938) [name index]
  • Hickman County, Tennessee, Quarterly and Monthly Minutes, 1867-1878 (Dotson, 1984) [name index]*
  • Hickman County, Tennessee United States Census, 1860 (United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1982) [surname index]
  • Hickman County Tennessee Wills 1866-1982 (Dotson, 19??) [name index]
  • Marriage Records of Hickman County, Tennessee, 1907-1912; Death Records of Hickman County, Tennessee, 1912,1914,1915; Establishments of Business 1900-1920 City of Centreville [sic] Tennessee (Mayberry, 2003)*
  • Name Index to History of Tennessee ...: Together With ... Sketch of Lawrence, Wayne, Perry, Hickman, and Lewis Counties (Marsh, 1972)
  • Old Centerville Cemetery of Hickman County, Tennessee (Sawyer, 2004) [name index]
  • Old Marriage Records of Hickman County, Tennessee [2 vols.] (Daughters of the American Revolution, 1979) [alphabetical by groom, with bride index]
  • Private Acts of Hickman County, Tennessee (McIntyre, 1985)
  • Rainey-Moss Cemetery, Hickman County, TN (Rainey, 1996)
  • Sacred to the Memory: Hickman County, Tennessee, Cemetery Records, Part I (Garrett & McClain, 1966) [name index]
  • Surname Index to A History of Hickman County, Tennessee (Gilliam, 1965) [surname index]
  • Tennessee Hickman County Bible, Family and Tombstone Records (WPA, 1938)


Local Records on Microfilm

An inventory of microfilmed Hickman County records is available on our website.  Individual reels of microfilm may also be purchased.

Earliest records include:

  • marriages from 1868
  • wills from 1866
  • deed index from 1884
  • chancery court minutes from 1854
  • county court minutes from 1866
  • circuit court minutes from 1847
  • tax books from 1867

The following reels are available on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives:

  • Administrators Settlements -- 1842-1923 (#A-260, 1 reel)*
  • WPA Records, Hickman County (Record Group #107, Roll 37, 1 reel). Roll includes Deed Book A & B (1808-1813), Guardian & Administration Settlements (1844-1846), Guardian & Administration Settlements, Book D (1844-1855), Account of Negro Sunday Time at Aetna Furnace (1854-1863) and Bible, Family & Tombstone Records (undated).*


Newspapers on Microfilm 

Newspapers were published in Centerville.  Scattered early issues are available from 1878, and a complete run begins in 1949.  Microfilms are loaned to Tennessee libraries.  Individual reels may also be purchased.  An Inventory of Newspapers on Microfilm at the Library and Archives is available on our website.


Selected Manuscripts Material
  • Arnold Family Papers, 1857-1859 (Microfilm Manuscript #2036, 1 reel)*
  • Baker and Related Families Collection, 1700-1974  (Microfilm Manuscript #515, 1 reel)*
  • Bethabara Primitive Baptist Church Records. Hickman County, 1885-1931  (Microfilm Manuscript #525, 1 reel)*
  • Boaz Chapel Primitive Baptist Church of Christ Records. Hickman County, Kentucky and Weakley and Obion Counties, Tennessee, 1831-1983  (Microfilm Manuscript #735, 1 reel)*
  • Bolling Gordon Family Papers, 1797-1960  (Microfilm Manuscript #1191, 4 reels)*
  • Jill Knight Garrett Collection, 1800-1969  (Microfilm Manuscript #1196, 1 reel)*
  • McDonald Funeral Home Registers, 1945-1996  (Microfilm Manuscript #1517, 10 reels)*
  • Madison Claiborne Napier Letters, 1830-1847
  • Martin and Vaughn, Inc., Columbia (Maury County), Tenn. Records, 1892-1963
  • Mill Creek Baptist Church Records. Hickman County, 1883-1942  (Microfilm Manuscript #1462, 1 reel)*
  • Primm Springs Hotel Registers, ca. 1870-1961
  • Rise Of Christianity In South Western Hickman County, by James E. Chessor  (Microfilm Manuscript #426, 1 reel)*
  • South Carolina and Tennessee Cemetery Records, ca. 1850-ca. 1956  (Microfilm Manuscript #307, 1 reel)*
  • Sowell Family Papers, 1827-1881
  • Swan Church: Swan Cumberland Presbyterian Church; Campground Cumberland Church; Swan Creek, Campground Presbyterian Church Records. (Microfilm Manuscript #1784, 1 reel)*
  • Willow Springs Primitive Baptist Church Records. Hickman County, 1883-1942  (Microfilm Manuscript #512, 1 reel)*

Search for Manuscripts Material in our Catalog 


Census Records
  • Census on microfilm for Hickman County:  1820-1880, 1900-1930
  • State-wide census index:  1820-1880
  • State-wide census index on microfilm  (Soundex):  1880,  1900-1930
  • Hickman County census records in book form:  1820*, 1850, 1860, 1880*


Additional Research Aids for Hickman County

* Indicates this title may be borrowed on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives.


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Hickman County Formation Act



"An Act to reduce the limits of Dickson County, and to form a new county, to the south of the same."


SECTION 1. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, That there shall be a new county laid off to be contained within the following bounds, (to wit:)   Beginning one mile north of the south east corner of the eighth section, in the sixteenth range, in the first district, and on the western boundary line of Williamson County; running thence, west, to the east boundary line of Stewart County, thence south with said line, to the southern boundary of the state; thence with the state line, east, so far that a line at right angles north, shall strike the south west corner of the county of Maury; thence with the lines of said county of Williamson to the beginning; within which bounds shall be contained, a new and distinct county by the name of Hickman, in memory of Edwin Hickman, deceased.

SECTION 2. BE IT ENACTED, That for the administration of justices in said county of Hickman, the justices of the peace in said county, shall hold a court of pleas and quarter sessions, on the first Mondays in the months of January, April, July and October in each and every year; which courts shall be held at the house where William Joslin at present resides, on Pine River, and shall have the same power and jurisdiction, and be subject to the same laws, rules and regulations as the other courts of pleas and quarter sessions within this state.

SECTION 3. BE IT ENACTED, That elections shall be held in said county, for governor of the state, members of congress, members of the state legislature, and electors to elect a president and vice president of the United States, at the place of holding court in said county, on the days and under the same laws, rules and regulations as are prescribed for such elections as in other cases; and it shall be the duty of the sheriff of the county of Hickman, to meet the sheriff of the county of Dickson, on the succeeding day, at the court-house in the town of Charlotte, and compare the votes so taken in said county of Hickman, which shall compose part of the election of the said county of Dickson and Robertson, so far as respects the representative for said counties; and the votes for senator shall in like manner be annexed to the votes of Dickson County, and be compared as heretofore prescribed by law; and in like manner for member to congress, and an elector to elect a president and vice-president of the United States, and governor for this state.

SECTION 4. BE IT ENACTED, That the sheriff of Hickman County shall hold an election on the first Thursday and Friday in May next, for the purpose of electing one colonel and two majors of the militia in said county, under the rules and regulations prescribed by law for electing such officers; and said officers when elected and commissioned, shall have the same power and authority, and shall perform the duties prescribed to colonels and majors by the laws in force regulating the militia of this state, and the said militia shall compose the thirty-sixth regiment and be a part of the sixth brigade.

SECTION 5. BE IT ENACTED, That the county of Hickman shall be, and compose a part of the district of Robertson, and shall send two jurors to the superior court at Clarksville, to be appointed by the county court as in other cases.

SECTION 6. BE IT ENACTED, That the sheriff of Dickson County shall have full power and authority to collect any arrearages of taxes which may remain unpaid by any of the citizens of Hickman County, and this act shall be in force from the first day of January next.



Passed on December 3, 1807

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Hickman County Bibliography

PLEASE NOTE that the Tennessee State Library and Archives does not hold copies of all of the items listed in this bibliography. Please check the Tennessee State Library and Archives Online Catalog or e-mail the Library and Archives to verify we have an item in our collection. We will respond to e-mail requests promptly; response time may vary, depending on the amount of research required to answer your question and the unique nature of your request. If you need immediate assistance you may call the reference desk at (615) 741-2764 or visit us in person.

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Hickman County in General
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  • US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Bucksnort, Spot, Texas Hollow, Lyles, Craigfield, Coble, Whitfield, Centerville, Little Lot, Primm Springs, Pleasantville, Beaverdam Springs, Sunrise, Greenfield Bend, Williamsport, Graves Spring, Kimmins, Gordonsburg, Mt. Joy.

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  • Flood insurance study: town of Centerville, TN, Hickman County. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1987. 9 pp.
  • Lynn, Mrs. O.J. Remember when--: an oral history of Centerville & Hickman County. Centerville, Oral History Project, Homecoming '86 Roots Committee, 1986. 165 pp.

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Plunder's Creek
  • Smith, Delbert H. A history of Plunder's Creek, Hickman County, 1810-1984. Nashville, the author, 1984. 106 pp.
  • Smith, Delbert H. A history of Plunder's Creek, Hickman County, 1810-1987. Nashville, the author, 1987. 118 pp.

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