Monroe County

Monroe County

Monroe County was formed in 1819 from Indian lands

(Public Acts of Tennessee 1819, Chapter 7)

The county seat is Madisonville.

There were fires at the Monroe County
courthouse in the 1820s and 1960.


Selected Published County Histories
  • Coker Creek: Crossroads to History (Brown, 1991) [name index]
  • Early Days in Monroe County, Tennessee. [With] "In the Long Long Ago" by Vastine Stickley (Ray, 1943)
  • Fort Loudoun in Tennessee, 1756-1760: History, Archaeology, Replications, Exhibits and Interpretation (Kuttruff, 2009)*
  • Fort Loudoun on the Little Tennessee (Hamer, 1925)*
  • Historic Sites in Blount, Cocke, Monroe and Sevier Counties (Carberry, 1973)
  • History of Monroe County, Tennessee: From the Western Frontier Days to the Space Age [3 vols. in 4 pts.] (Sands, 1980-89)* [name index in each part]
  • Historic Fort Loudoun (Kelley, 1958)*
  • History of Sweetwater Valley, Tennessee (Lenoir, 1976)* [name index]
  • I Grew Up with Sweetwater (Abernathy, 1982)*
  • Indian Summer: The Siege and Fall of Fort Loudoun (Guy, 2001)
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Heritage, 1819-1997 (Monroe County Heritage Book Committee, 1997)* [surname index]

Additional county and community histories can be found at the Bibliography of Tennessee Local History Sources: Monroe County. The items in the bibliography may not all be available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  


Published Local Records
  • 1840 Monroe County, Tennessee, Census (McConkey, 1986)* [name index]
  • 1880 Census, Monroe County, Tennessee (Sistler, 1991) [alphabetical by head of household]
  • 1880 Monroe County Census (McConkey, 1992)* [name index of head of household]
  • Abstracts of Ocoee District Early Land Records-Entries (McClure, 1990) [alphabetical]
  • Blount County, Tennessee Cemetery Records: Including Blount Section of Loudon and Monroe Counties, Tennessee (Little, 1980) [surname index]
  • Index to the Ocoee District Early Land Records (McClure, 1990) [alphabetical]
  • Kyker Funeral Home Death Index, 1914-December 31, 2004 [vol. 1 1914-1947; vol. 2 1948-2004; vol. 3 1977-2004] (McMinn County Historical Society, 2005) [alphabetical]
  • Kyker Funeral Home of Madisonville, 523 North College Street, Madisonville, Tennessee Death Index, 1922-2000 (McMinn County Historical Society, 2005) [alphabetical]
  • Marriage Record Book, 1838-1868 [vol. 1 1838-1843; vol. 2 1843-1845; vol. 3 1847-1852; vol. 4 1856-1868] (WPA, 1938) [name index in each volume]
  • Marriage Records of Monroe County, Tennessee, 1838 Through 1890 (McConkey, 1995)* [alphabetical]
  • Marriages, Monroe County, Tennessee, 1868-1880 (McConkey, 1983) [alphabetical]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Cemetery Records (Steed, 199?)* [alphabetical by cemetery]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Chancery Court Minutes, 1832-42 (WPA, 1940) [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Chancery Court Records, 1832-1887 (Boyer, 1988) [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Christianburg Baptist Church Minutes [vol. 1 1828-1872; vol. 2 1872-1892; vol. 3 1892-1901; vol. 4 1901-1908; vol. 5 1909-1917] (WPA, 1938) [5 vols. bound together; name index for each section]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Circuit Court Minute Book, 1827-32 [2 vols.] (WPA, 1940) [name index in vol. 1]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, County Court Records [vol. 1 1858-1874; vol. 2 1875-1888] (McConkey, 1993)* [alphabetical by year]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Death Records, 1908-1925 (McConkey, 1992)* [alphabetical with addendum]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Deed Abstracts from Deed Registration Books [1819 - Dec. 4, 1837] (McConkey, 1994)* [alphabetical by grantor with grantee index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Deed Books [vol. 1 A-D, 1820-1834; vol. 2 E-H, 1834-1836] (Hayes, 1995)* [name index in each volume]
  • Monroe County Tennessee Population Schedule of the Sixth Census of the United States, 1840 (Broyles, 1983)* [surname index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee; Records, 1820-1870 [deeds 1820-1870 & marriages 1830-1870] (Boyer, 1969-70)* [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee Vital Statistics, 1908-1912, 1914-1925 (McConkey, 1995)* [alphabetical with name index for father and name index for mother]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Vital Statistics, 1914 through 1925 (Wiefering, 1994)* [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Vital Statistics, 1926 through 1930 (Wiefering, 1997)* [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Vital Statistics, 1931 through 1935 (Wiefering, 1998)* [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Vital Statistics, 1936 through 1941 (Wiefering, 1999)* [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Vital Statistics, 1942 through 1946 (Wiefering, 1999)* [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee, Will Book A, 1825-69 (WPA, 1939) [name index]
  • Monroe County, Tennessee Wills 1824-1945 (McConkey, 19??)* [alphabetical]
  • Ocoee Land District Maps (Douthat, 2013) [name index]
  • Tax Lists, 1899 and 1912, Monroe County, Tennessee (McConkey, 1991) [alphabetical by district]
  • Tennessee Negro Cemetery Records and Marriage Records: Counties of Campbell, Dickson, Madison, McMinn, Monroe, Roane, Sevier (WPA, 1938)


Local Records on Microfilm

An inventory of microfilmed Monroe County records is available on our website.  Individual reels of microfilm may also be purchased.  

Earliest records include:

  • marriages from 1838
  • wills from 1836
  • deed index from 1820
  • chancery court minutes from 1832
  • county court minutes from 1858
  • circuit court minutes from 1827
  • tax books from 1868


The following reels are available on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives:

  • Deed Index -- 1820-1910 (#38, 1 reel)*
  • Inventories -- 1853-1902 (#20, 1 reel)*
  • Marriages -- 1838-1845;1847-1852; 1856-1883 (#29, 1 reel)*
  • Marriages -- 1856-1885 (#30, 1 reel)*
  • Wills -- 1833-1922 (#37, 1 reel)*
  • WPA Records, Monroe County (Record Group #107, Roll 60, 1 reel). Roll includes Chancery Court Minute Book (1832-1842), Circuit Court Minute Book, pts. 1 & 2 (1827-1834), Will Book A (1825-1869), Marriage Records Books I-IV (1838-1845, 1847-1852, 1856-1868) and Christianburg Baptist Church Minutes, Vols. I-V (1828-1917).*


Newspapers on Microfilm

Newspapers were published in Madisonville and Sweetwater.  Scattered early issues are available from 1839, and a complete run begins in 1946. Microfilms are loaned to Tennessee libraries.  Individual reels may also be purchased.  An Inventory of Newspapers on Microfilm at the Library and Archives is available on our website.


Selected Manuscripts Material
  • First Baptist Church Records. Madisonville, Monroe County, 1828-1982 (Microfilm Manuscript #907, 2 reels)*
  • Fort Loudoun Association Papers - Addition, 1757-1987 (Microfilm Manuscript #1350, 7 reels)*
  • Fort Loudoun Association Records. Vonore, 1755-1960 (Microfilm Manuscript #524, 2 reels)*
  • Lee Family Records, ca. 1800-1960 (Microfilm Manuscript #562, 1 reel)*
  • Luther Meade Blackman Papers, 1857-1919 (Microfilm Manuscript #620, 3 reels)*
  • Mamie Frances (Moser) Dyche Scrapbooks, 1870-1966 (Microfilm Manuscript #246, 2 reels)*
  • Mamie Frances (Moser) Dyche Scrapbooks, 1880-1966 (Microfilm Manuscript #252, 2 reels)*
  • Notchey Creek Baptist Church Records. Madisonville, 1853-1972 (Microfilm Manuscript #428, 1 reel)*
  • Notchey Creek Baptist Church Records. Madisonville, 1908-1930 (Microfilm Manuscript #25, 1 reel)*

Search for Manuscripts Material in our Catalog 


Census Records
  • Census on microfilm for Monroe County:  1830-1880, 1900-1930
  • State-wide census index:  1830-1880
  • State-wide census index on microfilm  (Soundex):  1880,  1900-1930
  • Monroe County census records in book form:  1840*, 1880*


Additional Research Aids for Monroe County

* Indicates this title may be borrowed on Interlibrary Loan from the Library and Archives.


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Monroe County Formation Act



"An Act to establish the counties therein mentioned, east of Rhea and south of Roane and Blount counties."


SECTION 1. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, That the territory contained within the lines hereafter mentioned, shall constitute a county the name of M’Minn County.

SECTION 2. BE IT ENACTED, That the said county of M’Minn, shall be bounded as follows, to wit:  Beginning at the point where the meridian line will cross the line of Roane County; thence a direct line to a point which shall be equidistant from Tillasseh, on the Tennessee, and Hiwassee on the Indian boundary line; continuing the same course to the southern boundary line of this state; thence west with said line to the county of Hamilton; thence with the eastern line of said county to the county of Rhea; thence with the lines of the county of Rhea to the county of Roane; thence to the beginning.

SECTION 3. BE IT ENACTED, That all the Territory included in the lines hereafter mentioned shall constitute a county by the name of Monroe county.

SECTION 4. BE IT ENACTED, That the said county of Monroe shall be bounded as follows, to wit: beginning at the beginning of M’Minn county; thence running eastwardly with the line of Roane county to the Tennessee river; thence up said river to the mouth of Cowee and Nanteyallee; thence with the dividing ridge between said rivers to the eastern boundary line of this state; thence south with the said line to the line dividing this state from the state of Georgia; thence west to the county of M’Minn; thence with the said county to the beginning.

SECTION 5. BE IT ENACTED, That for the administration of Justice, the courts of Pleas and Quarter sessions and the circuit courts in said counties shall be held at the following places, to-wit: For the county of M’Minn, at the house of Major John Walker, and for the county of Monroe, at the house of William Dixon, on the south bank of Little Tennessee opposite the town of Morganton, at which places the said courts shall be holden, until otherwise provided for by law, under the same rules, regulations and restrictions, and shall exercise the same power and jurisdiction that is possessed by said courts, in other counties of this state.

SECTION 6. BE IT ENACTED, That the sheriffs of the counties of Monroe and M’Minn, shall each hold an election at the places appointed for holding courts in said counties on the first Friday and Saturday in May next, for the purpose of electing field officers of the Militia for said counties, under the same rules, regulations and restrictions, as are prescribed by law in similar cases; and the militia of the county of Monroe shall compose the sixty sixth regiment, and shall be attached to the seventh brigade; and the militia of the county of M’Minn shall compose the sixty seventh regiment, and be attached as aforesaid.

SECTION 7. BE IT ENACTED, That it shall be the duty of the commandants of said sixty-sixth, and sixty-seventh regiments, having first been commissioned and sworn according to law, to divide their regiments into such number of companies, as they shall think best, for the convenience of said companies, and it shall be the duty of each of said commandants, to issue writs of election for company officers according to law.

SECTION 8. BE IT ENACTED, That said county of Monroe shall be attached to the election district of the county of Blount, and to be governed by the same rules and regulations as other elections are held in Blount County, and the sheriff of Monroe County shall make return of the votes of his county for electors to elect a president and vice president, governor, members to congress and members to the state Legislature, to the sheriff of Blount County, under the same rules and regulations as for other counties; and that said county of M’Minn shall be attached to the election district of the county of Rhea under the same rules and regulations as govern the counties of Monroe and Blount.

SECTION 9. BE IT ENACTED, That it shall be lawful for any justice of the peace for Blount County, to attend at the first court for said county of Monroe, and any justice of the peace for Rhea county may attend the first court in the county of M’Minn for the purpose of administering the necessary oaths to the justices of said courts.


Passed on November 18, 1819

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Monroe County Bibliography

 PLEASE NOTE that the Tennessee State Library and Archives does not hold copies of all of the items listed in this bibliography. Please check the Tennessee State Library and Archives Online Catalog or visit the Ask Us a Question! web page to contact the Library and Archives and verify we have an item in our collection. We will respond to e-mail requests promptly; response time may vary, depending on the amount of research required to answer your question and the unique nature of your request. If you need immediate assistance you may call the reference desk at (615) 741-2764 or visit us in person.

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Monroe County in General
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Coker Creek
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Fort Loudoun
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Tellico Plains
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