James Ritter

State Librarian and Archivist
ph: 615.741.7996

Maria Sochor

Assistant State Librarian
ph: 615.532.4628

Jami Awalt

Assistant State Archivist
ph: 615.253.3458

Bessie Davis

Director of Regional Libraries
ph: 615.532.4629

Theresa Gordon

SOS Administrative Assistant 4
ph: 615.741.7996

Archival Collection Services

Emily Farek

Emily Farek

Director of Archival Collections Services
ph: 615.253.3470

Greg Yates

Legislative Recording and State Records Manager
ph: 615.253.3455

Patricia Mitchell

Description and Access Manager
ph: 615-253-8712

Jon Miller

Archivist I - Audiovisual Materials
ph: 615-837-5082

David R. Sowell

Archival Assistant/Legislative Recorder
ph: 615.253.3471

Kayla Eatherly

Archival Assistant/Legislative Recorder
ph: 615.253.3474

Elizabeth Edwards

Archival Assistant/Legislative Recorder
ph: 615.253.3468

Connor Stevens

Archival Assistant/Legislative Recorder
ph: 615.253.3475

Donations - Manuscripts and Archival Material

ph: 615-253-3470



Library Collection Services

Renee Register

‎Director of Library Technical Services
ph: 615.253.3462

DJ Ward

‎Government Documents Librarian
ph: 615.253.1803

Donations - Books and Bound Materials

ph: 615.253.3462

Archives Development Program

Kelly Wilkerson

Education Outreach Coordinator
ph: 615.253.3469

Casey Swank

Education Outreach Archivist
ph: 615.253.6470

Janis Perry

Education Specialist
ph: 615.360.0353

Sara Baxter

Archivist III
ph: 615.741.2083

Kimberley Wires

Archivist III
ph: 615-253-3473

Lindsay Kovach

SOS Education Specialist
ph: 615.741.4809

Gena Henderson

Archivist I
ph: 615.253.7971

Library for Accessible Books and Media

Clayton Altom

Director of Tennessee Library for Accessible Books
ph: 615.741.0814

Erin Lankford

Assistant Director
ph: 615.741.3916

Ruth A. Hemphill

Outreach Librarian
ph: 615.741.3917

Cathy Bale

Reader Advisor
ph: 615.741.5836 or 1.800.342.3308
Ellen Barker

Ellen Barker

Reader Advisor
ph: 615.741.5839 or 1.800.342.3308
Brittney Reed

Brittney Reed

Reader Advisor
ph: 615.741.5838 or 1.800.342.3308
Alyse West

Alyse West

Reader Advisor
ph: 615.741.1171 or 1.800.342.3308

Preservation and Digital Services

Aimee Saunders

Aimee Saunders

Director of Preservation & Digital Services
ph: 615.253.6446

Corinne Dune

Conservation Manager
ph: 615.253.6460

Robert (Tony) Teal

Micrographics Manager
ph: 615.253.6453

Annabeth Dooley

Exhibits Coordinator
ph: 615.741-1891

Microfilm Duplication Orders

ph: 615-741-2997

Digital Imaging Orders

ph: 615-741-2997

Research and Public Services

Gordon Belt

Director of Public Services
ph: 615.741.2764

Trent Hanner

Librarian III - Supervisor of Library and Legislative Services
ph: 615.741.2764

Lindsay Hager

Archivist III - Supervisor of Microfilm and Manuscripts
ph: 615.253.6469

Vince McGrath

Legislative History Coordinator
ph: 615.741.1549

Kayce Butler

Librarian II
ph: 615.741.2764

Kevin Cason

Archivist II
ph: 615.253.6488

Chaddra Moore

Archivist I
ph: 615.253.6473

Sarah Myers

Archivist I
ph: 615.253.0100

Bailey Scogin

Archivist I
ph: 615.253.6478

Leslie Principe

Librarian I
ph: 615.741.6770

Savannah Jones

Librarian I
ph: 615.253.6472

Elinor Madeira

Administrative Services Assistant III
ph: 615.741.2764

Lynn Sawyer

Archival Assistant IV
ph: 615.253.6482

Catherine Colbran

Librarian/Archivist Assistant 2
ph: 615.532.4622

Lauren Hamric

Librarian/Archivist Assistant 2
ph: 615.253.6477

Julie Meritt

Librarian/Archivist Assistant 2
ph: 615.253.6467

Emily Ruiz

Librarian/Archivist Assistant 2
ph: 615.253.6476

Interlibrary Loan

Reference Services

Planning and Development

Jennifer Cowan-Henderson

Director of Planning and Development State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries
ph: 615.741.1923

Andrea Zielke

TEL Administrator
ph: 615.532.4627

Kate Smith

‎Youth Services and Special Projects Coordinator
ph: 615.253.6445

Christy Chandler

State Data Coordinator
ph: 615.532.4601

Karye Cook

Lead Grant Analyst
ph: 615.253.3456

Lauri Thompson

Continuing Education Coordinator
ph: 615.532.4639

Diane R. Wheeler

 Administrative Assistant
ph: 615.741.3158

Facilities and Security

Tracy Baldwin

Administrative Services Assistant III
ph: 615.253.7844

Georgia Larnes

Security Receptionist
ph: 615.741.4191

Stephen Rutherford

Security Receptionist
ph: 615.741.4191

Cynthia Scott

Security Receptionist
ph: 615.741.4191

State Historian

Dr. Carroll Van West

State Historian
ph: 615.898.2947

Regional Library Directors and Assistant Directors

Marion Bryant

Buffalo River Regional Library - Director
ph: 931.388.9282

Anne Osborne

Buffalo River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 931.380.2604

Matthew Jordan

Clinch River Regional Library - Director
ph: 865.220.4000

Madison Hough

Clinch River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 865.220.4000

Matt Kirby

Falling Water Regional Library - Director
ph: 931.526.4016

Claire Broyles

Falling Water Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 931.528.4300

Genny Carter

Hatchie River Regional Library - Director
ph: 731.668.0710

Julie Dahlhauser

Hatchie River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 731.425.2438

Jennifer Breuer

Holston River Regional Library - Director
ph: 423.232.2280

Selena Harmon

Holston River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 423.232.2282

Jenny Gillihan

Obion River Regional Library - Director
ph: 731.364.4594

Kathryn McBride

Obion River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 731.364.4593

Liz Schreck

Ocoee River Regional Library - Director
ph: 423.649.1583

Nikki Branam-Snyder

Ocoee River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 423.649.1580

Cecilie Maynor

Red River Regional Library - Director
ph: 931.645.9531

Caitlyn Haley

Red River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 931.645.0694

Kate Huddleston

Stones River Regional Library - Director
ph: 615.849.0791

Cynthia Matthews

Stones River Regional Library - Assistant Director
ph: 615.849.0794