Cotton – Geared towards Elementary and Middle School

Explore how Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin served as a catalyst for changes in the way cotton was manufactured in the United States. Through an investigation with primary sources, raw cotton bolls, and hand carders, students will examine cotton production and its role in the Industrial Revolution.

Included in this DocsBox:

  • TSLA Primary Sources
  • Pair of Cotton Hand Carders
  • Raw Cotton Bolls
  • Book: Up Before Daybreak: Cotton and People in America by Deborah Hopkinson
  • Book: Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin by Jessica Gunderson
  • Book:  Cotton Now and Then: Fabric Making from Boll to Bolt by Karen Bates Willing
  • Book: Working Cotton by Sherley Anne Williams
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Copies of student worksheets and paragraphs

DocsBox: Cotton Calendar

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