Women in History

This exhibit will have you wearing roses. By the way, are you yellow or red? The Tennessee State Library and Archives is excited to present “Remember the Ladies!”: Women Struggle for an Equal Voice. Tennessee played a pivotal role in gaining women the right to vote and this exhibit will show you how we became the “Perfect 36.”
August 20, 2016 - Tennessee Library and Archives Workshop: Women's Suffrage Movement
The 150th anniversary of the Civil War offers an extended opportunity for commemorating all aspects of a period that is central to American history. The stories of women in the Civil War are perhaps even more varied than those of the men who served on the front lines. Females of all classes experienced the war in some way, whether through deprivation, loss of loved ones, disintegration of social norms, a renewed sense of patriotism, or, in at least a few hundred documented cases, actual battlefield experience.
This collection focuses on pro- and anti-suffrage activity in Tennessee in 1920, primarily drawing from the papers of suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt, anti-suffragist Josephine A. Pearson, and Governor Albert H. Roberts. Other significant items included in the collection are three audio clips from an interview in 1983 with Abby Crawford …
Women’s papers — diaries, journals, and letters — comprise a significant part of the collections at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Here one can find myriad documents relevant to local, state and national history: the Civil War, slavery, suffrage, journalism, politics, world wars, and social life are well represented in the holdings.