Women's Studies

The Grassmere Collection, 1786-1985, is centered around five generations of the same family that lived at Grassmere Farm, Nashville, Tennessee. The property served as a family farm for 175 years. Sisters Margaret and Elise Croft willed the Grassmere property to be used as a nature preserve upon their deaths, and the Nashville Zoo began management of the site in 1997 to honor that request. The digital collection is a sampling of the physical collection and consists of over 250 items including photographs, letters, audio oral history excerpts, maps, memorabilia, and land records.
August 20, 2016 - Tennessee Library and Archives Workshop: Women's Suffrage Movement
This collection focuses on pro- and anti-suffrage activity in Tennessee in 1920, primarily drawing from the papers of suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt, anti-suffragist Josephine A. Pearson, and Governor Albert H. Roberts. Other significant items included in the collection are three audio clips from an interview in 1983 with Abby Crawford …
Women’s papers — diaries, journals, and letters — comprise a significant part of the collections at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Here one can find myriad documents relevant to local, state and national history: the Civil War, slavery, suffrage, journalism, politics, world wars, and social life are well represented in the holdings.
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