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A partial index to the hundreds of thousands of photographs and images held by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Throughout its history, the Volunteer State has been home to many people who have had significant impact on the state, the country and even the...

The TeVA (Tennessee Virtual Archive) is a digital repository of Tennessee history and culture. New materials are added every day, featuring prints...


An in-depth look at the Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners Records (Record Group 3) held at the T

Veteran genealogist Jim Long will use case studies to demonstrate how even small bits of information

Map expert Murray Hudson's lecture at the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) taking pa

A documentary on the building and functions of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Library & Archives Online Exhibits

Online exhibit showcasing highlights from the Kenneth Rose Music Collection. Kenneth D.
This exhibit will have you wearing roses. By the way, are you yellow or red?
Online exhibit examining the history behind the famous Scopes Trial, a court case that received nati
Online exhibit featuring portraits of President Abraham Lincoln.
Online exhibit chronicling the political and military actions of Tennesseans in the War of 1812.
Online exhibit showcasing artwork created by students in Monica Leister’s art classes at the Tenness
Online exhibit chronicling the events of the Civil War in Tennessee during 1863.
Online exhibit exploring some of the state's most trying times, from the New Madrid Earthquake