UCC Forms and Fees

Revisions to Tennessee’s UCC statute went into effect on July 1, 2013. Only the most current versions of UCC forms can be used for UCC filings with the Tennessee Secretary of State. Tennessee forms – listed below – or forms from the International Association of Commercial Administrators with the latest revision dates will be accepted for filing. Please consult the chart below for the necessary form revision dates.

Form Name IACA Form Revision Date TN Form Revision Date
UCC1 Financing Statement 4/20/2011 7/1/2013
UCC1AD Financing Statement Addendum 4/20/2011 7/1/2013
UCC1AP Financing Statement Additional Party 8/22/2011 7/1/2013
UCC3 Financing Statement Amendment 4/20/2011 7/1/2013
UCC3AD Financing Statement Amendment Addendum 4/20/2011 7/1/2013
UCC3AP Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party 8/22/2011 7/1/2013
UCC5 Information Statement 7/19/2012 7/1/2013
UCC11 Information Request 7/19/2012 7/1/2013

Provides notice that a creditor has a security interest in a debtor’s personal property.
Provides additional space for required information.
Add an additional secured party, debtor, or assignee.
Renew, assign, terminate, or reflect changes to a financing statement.
Provides additional space for required information . This addendum also covers timber, as-extracted collateral, fixtures, and real-estate.
Add additional secured party or assignee.
Allows a debtor to make a note in the file about something regarding the filing that they feel is incorrect.
Request information regarding UCC records on file with the Business Services Division.
UCC Filing Fee Schedule.
UCC Fraudulent Lien Filing Notarized Affidavit: SS-4306
Secured Party Petition For Review Application: SS-9414