Division of Records Management

The Records Management Division (RMD) was established by Tennessee Code Annotated 10-7-303 to assist state agencies in establishing systematic controls for the efficient use and sound preservation of state records. The Division serves as the primary records management agency for the state of Tennessee and provides professional consultative and analytical records management leadership to agencies. This guidance aids in the appropriate development, utilization, disposition, retention, and destruction of records.

The Records Management Division is further directed by the Public Records Commission (PRC) to serve as administrative liaison between state agencies and the PRC; to establish procedural guidelines for paper and electronic records oversight and retention; and to coordinate efforts supporting the state's Paperwork Reduction and Simplification Act of 1976 (TCA 4-25-101).

RMD Resources

Certificate of Destruction
Electronic Records Policy
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Records Management Best Practices and Procedures
Information on Records Management billing.
Records Retention Standards
Statewide list - October 2021
Records Management training materials.

Public Records Commission (PRC)

PRC Rules
The Public Records Commission was created by statute to determine and order the proper disposition of state records. The PRC meets at least twice annually to receive an update report from the Records Management Division and discuss any records projects or outdated policies and procedures. These meetings are open to the public. See TCA §§10-7-301 through 10-7-306.