File an Annual Report


File an Annual Report

Who Can File Here

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Domestic Limited Liability Partnerships

What You Can Do Here

  • E-File Annual Reports here:
  • (credit card required) and pay fees online.
  • Print and Mail Annual Reports that are prepared online. Annual report information will be collected through the online tool, and then printed on the correct form to be mailed to the Secretary of State with payment. This option assists with the preparation of the report, but does not require online payment.


Instructions for Submission

  • Business Entities listed as "active" may submit online if an annual report  has not yet been submitted for the current submissions period.
  • Annual Reports cannot be filed prior to the submission period.
  • Annual reports can be submitted from the first day of the fiscal year ending month of record to the annual report due date. Delinquent reports can be submitted within 4 months following the due date.
  • Annual reports are due on or before the first day of the fourth month following the company's fiscal year closing.
  • There is an additional $20 fee if any changes are made to the Registered Agent and/or Registered Office.
  • Information provided should be current as of the date the annual report is submitted on behalf of the company.
  • For assistance with your annual report submission, or if you do not want to submit online, please contact Business Services at (615) 741-2286 or