Do you offer hearings in other languages besides English? How can I participate in my case if I don’t speak English as my primary language?

APD does not offer hearings or mediations in other languages besides English nor does APD directly employ translators or interpreters.  However, typically, the government agency involved in your case will provide an interpreter for a pre-hearing conference, mediation, or hearing if an interpreter is needed and requested.  If you are having a hard time fully understanding all that is being discussed in your case, you should request that an interpreter be provided.

To request interpretation services, please notify the judge assigned to your case.  If you do not yet have a judge assigned to your case, you can notify APD that you need translation services by emailing or by calling 615-741-7008.  Please note, if you call by telephone, APD does not have the ability to answer the call in other languages besides English.