Frequently Asked Questions for this Division

Student Mock Election

  • Can a student participate in the mock election if they are homeschooled?

    You can still participate! We encourage students who are part of a homeschool association to conduct a mock election and report their results.

  • How do I conduct a mock election in my school?

    The Secretary of State’s office will provide printable mock ballots. However, schools may conduct a mock election in whatever manner works best for their students.

  • How do I sign up for the mock election?

    Sign up HERE to participate in the mock election.

  • How does my school report the results?

    The point of contact designated for each school will receive instructions on how to report your school’s results through our website.

  • Who can participate in the student mock election?

    All Tennessee schools can participate including public, private and home school associations in grades PreK – 12.