About the Board

The Tennessee Highway Officials Certification Board was created to ensure candidates for the office of chief highway administrative officer in a county are qualified pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 54-7-104.

Candidates interested in running for highway superintendent in counties in which the Uniform County Highway Law applies must file affidavits stating their experience with the board. The board then reviews the affidavits, and qualified candidates are certified and provided with a certificate to be filed with their nominating petitions in counties where the position is elected or with the appointing authority in counties where the position is appointed.

The board has five members whose terms expire in June 2025:

  • Manny Belen, P.E., MPA
  • J. Rodney Carmical
  • Bryon Fortner, P.E.
  • Donald J. Hall, Chairman
  • Randy Helton, AAS, TMA

How to Apply for Certification

The following links are provided for your information:

  • Tennessee Code Annotated 54-7-104 - The governing statute that creates the board and sets out the qualifications for chief administrative officer of the county highway department.
  • Board Guidelines - This document explains the board's operating procedures and the application process.
  • Application Form - This form was developed for interested candidates to provide the board the information needed for certification.
  • Challenge Form - This form was developed for individuals wishing to challenge a candidate's qualifications.