Lauderdale County Library Receives Technology Grants

 Lauderdale County Library Receives Technology Grants

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Representative Chris Hurt, Senator Paul Rose and Secretary of State Tre Hargett supported the Lauderdale County Library with a $6,574 Training Opportunities for the Public, TOP, Grant to provide computer literacy instructors and hotspots for their patrons and a $3,695 Technology Grant for a children's workstation, software, computers and equipment. 

“Our public libraries serve a vital role by providing access to valuable resources like technology and educational materials for families, seniors, students and so many others,” said Rep. Hurt. “These grants allow our libraries to expand these services to better meet the needs of our citizens. I appreciate the hard work of our local librarians who make it possible. They do a wonderful job and I was pleased to support these investments.”

“It's important for citizens to have resources to strengthen their technology skills which will help them stay connected, be competitive in the job market, and continue their education,” said Sen. Rose. “I am glad this grant is being awarded to Lauderdale County Library to provide these important services and technology to citizens."

TOP and Technology Grants are administered by the Tennessee State Library & Archives, a division of the Department of State. This year, more than $349,000 in TOP Grant funding is being awarded to 50 public libraries, and $320,000 in Technology Grant funding is being awarded to 83 public libraries across Tennessee.

"These two grants administered by the Library & Archives will make a difference in the Lauderdale County Library's ability to meet the technology needs of its patrons,” said Secretary Hargett. “I appreciate Sen. Rose and Rep. Hurt’s support of Tennessee’s public libraries."

TOP grants are supported by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. TOP Grants are available for public libraries to provide digital literacy training to the public, hotpots, solar charging stations, increase internet access at the library and for the Digital Navigators pilot project.

Technology Grants are funded by Tennessee state government and the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) as administered through the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Each grant is matched with local funds. Tennessee libraries use Technology Grant funds to purchase or replace computers, software, networking hardware, technology training and other electronic equipment for library staff and patrons.

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