Sen. Lundberg, Rep. Hicks, Rep. Hill, & Secretary of State Hargett Announce TOP Grant for Hawkins County Library System

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – State. Sen. Jon Lundberg, State Rep. Gary Hicks, State Rep. Timothy Hill, and Secretary of State Tre Hargett today announced a $4,896 Training Opportunities for the Public (TOP) Grant for the Hawkins County Library System. The funds will cover the cost of internal internet connections.

“Libraries enrich our communities by offering free access to knowledge and resources,” said Sen. Lundberg. “This grant will support the Hawkins County Library System in its mission to provide educational opportunities and foster community engagement.”

TOP Grants are funded by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and are administered through the Secretary of State’s office.

“Our libraries are incredible assets that provide the public with access to much more than just books,” said Rep. Hicks and Rep. Hill in a joint statement. “This grant will ensure the Hawkins County Library System is best equipped to meet the growing needs of visitors. We congratulate everyone who worked diligently to secure these funds for our community.”

This grant funding is available for Tennessee public libraries to address unique needs within their communities. Grants can be used for digital literacy training, hotspots, solar charging stations, and increased internet access at the library facility.

“Thank you to Sen. Lundberg, Rep. Hicks, and Rep. Hill for their continued advocacy and support of local libraries. They know that increasing access to technological services for Tennesseans is an important function of our local libraries,” said Secretary Hargett. “These grants enhance efforts to better address the needs of library patrons in the communities these facilities serve.”

This year, more than $394,000 in TOP Grant funding is being awarded to increase access to technology at 60 public libraries across Tennessee.

To learn more about grants for public libraries administered by the Library & Archives, visit