Sen. Niceley, Rep. Faison, Rep. Farmer, & Secretary of State Hargett Announce $28,710 in TOP Grants for Jefferson Co. Libraries

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – State. Sen. Frank Niceley, State Rep. Jeremy Faison, State Rep. Andrew Farmer, and Secretary of State Tre Hargett today announced $28,710 in Training Opportunities for the Public (TOP) Grant funding for public libraries in Jefferson County. Grant recipients and award amounts include:

  • $16,773 for Jefferson City Public Library for digital literacy instructors, solar charging stations, and internal internet connections.
  • $7,133 for Parrott-Wood Memorial Library for digital literacy instructors and internal internet connections.
  • $2,898 for Dandridge Memorial Library for digital literacy instructors, Wi-Fi hotspots, and internal internet connections.
  • $1,906 for White Pine Public Library for digital literacy instructors and internal internet connections. 

“Our local library facilities in Jefferson County do a phenomenal job supporting citizens and addressing their technological needs,” said Sen. Niceley. “These grants will enable them to continue effectively serving Jefferson County while also shaping Tennessee’s next generation of leaders.”

TOP Grants are funded by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and are administered through the Secretary of State’s office.

“These grants represent a significant investment in the future of Jefferson County and our libraries,” said Rep. Farmer and Rep. Faison in a joint statement. “We look forward to these funds being used to upgrade technology and provide additional resources at these locations to best meet the needs of the public.”

This grant funding is available for Tennessee public libraries to address unique needs within their communities. Grants can be used for digital literacy training, hotspots, solar charging stations, and increased internet access at the library facility.

“Thank you to Sen. Niceley, Rep. Faison, and Rep. Farmer for their continued advocacy and support of local libraries. They know that increasing access to technological services for Tennesseans is an important function of our local libraries,” said Secretary Hargett. “These grants enhance efforts to better address the needs of library patrons in the communities these facilities serve.”

This year, more than $394,000 in TOP Grant funding is being awarded to increase access to technology at 60 public libraries across Tennessee.

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