The 108th General Assembly of Tennessee passed legislation authorizing the Secretary of State to develop a protocol manual to be used throughout state government, at the option of each of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Working closely with Representative John Ragan (R–Oak Ridge), the Secretary of State’s office developed this manual with reference to the protocol guide prepared by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which first published its guide in 1977. The Guide to Virginia Protocol was initially developed for use by the Virginia Governor’s office after Virginians hosted many visiting dignitaries, and official functions during the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 1976 bicentennial year brought about numerous questions regarding protocol and procedure. It was intended as a concise reference outlining recommended, acceptable practices consistent with modern lifestyle and approved social etiquette. It was not meant to address all contingencies, but to set forth some rules that could be applied and lead to logical solutions to situations that might arise. It is hoped that the procedures and guidelines suggested in this publication will assist users in formulating answers to their questions based on accepted practices and common sense.