The Records Holding Report provides important data for the Records Management Division, including but not limited to active and inactive records storage and disposal projections. This gives a snapshot of record growth and reduction and can help with future storage space planning. In addition, the agency can use the Records Holding Report to determine overall cost for the management of the agency.

The annual holdings are for fiscal year beginning July 1st through June 30th of the following year. The form should be filled out by each agency reflecting the totals from all divisions and field offices. The agency’s Records Officer reviews the report for its accuracy before submitting to the Records Management Division.

Once all reports are submitted, Records Management will compile the report for the PRC. The report will assist Records Management Division to determine how to aid agencies in certain areas pertaining to management, destruction, and formatting of records.

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Add Your Information:

This information is for identifying the Department, Division, and the contact person responsible for preparing the report.

Fill out the Paper Records Holding Information

For each field, fill in:

  1. Starting Records on Hand: Indicate the number from the previous year’s report.
  2. Records Created: Indicate the number of records created during the fiscal year. Refer to your RDAs for reference.
  3. Records Destroyed: Include all records destroyed by agency. Use your Certificates of Destruction for reference.
  4. Records Transferred: Records transferred to the Records Center, Tennessee Library & Archives, or other facilities should be listed.
  5. Ending Records on Hand: This number is calculated automatically.
Fill out the Records by Media Category Information
  1. Indicate Records Totals for Paper, Microfilm, Microfiche, and Electronic Records
  2. Electronic Records: Please provide an overall estimate of electronic records in the formats listed
    • Cartridge and Magnetic Tape
    • CDs and DVDs
    • Magnetic/ Optical Disks
    • Server Storage
Fill out the Storage Facilities Information

Storage Facilities: If your agency stores records in storage facilities other than your office or the State Records Center please list them. Examples: Moving and storage companies, commercial storage companies, state‐approved storage facilities, storage sheds, etc.

Fill out the Variance Explanation Information

Variance Explanation: If there are any changes in volume greater than 10% from the previous year volume, please explain in the space provided. Make note of the category, change in volume, and the reason for the change. Otherwise out N/A.

Review the report

Ensure all fields have been filled out and all the information is correct.

Submit the Report

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