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It is time for librarians to prepare their patrons for the Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024!

An excellent TOTAL eclipse of the Sun will be visible in parts of the U.S. in 2024. While Tennessee will not be in the totality, most of the state will see a partial eclipse. (Find out how much of the eclipse your specific location will see in the 2024 path using Eclipse Simulator.) Even if your location isn’t seeing a large percentage, it will still be a spectacular event. And the next total eclipse to cross the continental US will not be until Aug. 12, 2045, so don’t miss this one!

You can prepare patrons by hosting a pre-eclipse program using one of the two SEAL kits available from the Tennessee State Library & Archives. You can also find activities on the STARnet STEM Activity Clearinghouse and the resources found here: Get Started with SEAL

NOTE: Keep your eyes protected when looking at the Sun. You can’t use regular sunglasses - you need eclipse glasses or to look through a telescope with a solar filter. Check our many activities for safe eclipse viewing.

See the American Astronomical Society site about safe eclipse viewing for reliable information

Multi-Generational Audience Kit

This kit contains: (Kit Contents of State Library Kit)

  • 1 Coronado Personal Solar Telescope
  • 1 Telescope Case
  • 1 Telescope Mount (delivered in a second box)
  • “When the Sun Goes Dark” book
  • 2 Large Sunoculars
  • Big Sun, Little Moon (handout only)

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