Submit documents by E-Mail

  • Please ensure that the document includes the related APD Case Number. 
  • Remember to redact (or black out) Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers from all documents prior to filing and provide a copy to all attorneys and unrepresented parties related to the case.  
  • Save the document in a PDF format.
  • Name the PDF using the following format: APD Case Number_Case Name_Type of Document.  For example, “09.03-123456J_Smith_Motion.” 
  • E-mail the document to


Submit documents by another method

If you are unable to submit documents by e-mail, then you may submit your documents by fax or mail.

  • Fax the document to 615-741-4472

  • Mail your document to the following address:

    Administrative Procedures Division
    Office of Tennessee Secretary of State
    William R. Snodgrass Tower
    312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 8th Floor
    Nashville, Tennessee 37243-1102


You only need to submit your document once, using one form of submission.