Request Subpoena(s) from APD by e-mail

Any party related to an APD case may request subpoena(s) from APD by e-mail to

This email must include the following information:

  1. APD case number
  2. APD case name
  3. The party requesting the subpoena
  4. If the requesting party is represented by an attorney or other representative, name and address of that individual
  5. Name and address of the person(s) to be subpoenaed (the name must be provided even if you do not have the address).
Complete and Serve the Subpoena

APD will prepare the subpoena(s) and return it to you by e-mail.  Please note that the hearing information and special instructions are intentionally left blank so that you may complete that portion.  The requesting party is responsible for completing the subpoena and serving it on the recipient.  Once a subpoena has been served, a copy must be filed with APD according to APD filing procedures.