Easy Steps to Wise Giving



Easy Steps to Wise Giving in Tennessee

  • If a nonprofit asks you for a contribution, check if it's registered with the State of Tennessee on the Secretary of State’s website, sos.tn.gov/charities or by calling 615-741-2555.
  • Take your time. Resist pressure to give on the spot.
  • Ask Questions. If an organization has a specific mission, ask how and who will benefit from your donation.
  • If you are asked for a donation via text or email, verify it is directly from the charity or nonprofit.
  • Do your own research and don't assume a social media or blog recommendation has been approved by the nonprofit.
  • If you give through an app or website, make sure your donation goes directly to the organization.
  • Avoid giving cash. Always ask for a receipt and if your contribution is tax-deductible.
  • Pay close attention to the name of the nonprofit organization, as there are many with similar names.
  • Don't forget there are many ways to give, such as volunteering your time.
  • If a paid fundraiser asks you for a donation, ask how much is kept by the fundraiser and how much goes to the nonprofit.


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