Information for First-Time Voters Who Registered by Mail

The following procedures apply to first-time registered voters:
  1. A first-time mail-registered voter can satisfy the ID requirements by submitting a copy of their ID when they mail in their absentee by-mail ballot. 
  2. Valid ID is a copy of either a current and valid photo identification issued by the federal or Tennessee state government (such as drivers license) or current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter.
  3. The following categories of voters do not have to submit ID in order to vote absentee by-mail:
    1. Voters who submitted a copy of their ID with their by-mail registration form. 
    2. Voters who registered to vote through the state’s online voter registration system. 
    3. Military personnel, their family members and overseas voters (UOCAVA voters).
    4. ADA voters with inaccessible polling places.
    5. Voters on the permanent absentee list.
    6. Voters enrolled in the Safe-at-Home program.