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A partial index to the hundreds of thousands of photographs and images held by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Tennessee Supreme Court Cases represent the period from about 1809 to 1950 and is an especially valuable resource for historical and genealogical...

Library Photograph Collection

This page is an introduction the Index of Legislative Petitions. The index, which covers 1799 through 1850, is grouped into years and arranged by...


In this installment of the Tennessee State Library and Archives free workshop series, genealogist Ta

Explore record groups as well as printed and digital election-related materials such as newspapers.

Presenter Melissa Barker is a certified archives manager for the Houston County Archives and a profe

April 14, 2018 - Following the trail of an ancestor in trouble with the law or plagued with mental i

Library & Archives Online Exhibits

The Tennessee State Library and Archives’ exhibit program has been going strong for over a decade. Thanks to the vast collections within the Library & Archives, we have the privilege to showcase material from a wide array of topics regarding Tennessee history. Visitors can view current exhibits in person during our regular operating hours or explore many exhibits online from the comfort of their own homes. Our digital exhibits include subjects such as the Scopes Trial, Tennessee in the Civil War, and Women’s Suffrage.

We are currently working to re-start our traveling exhibits program and are open to suggestions on what you would like to see. For more information regarding online and in-person exhibits please contact our Exhibits Coordinator at Exhibits.TSLA@tn.gov.

Online exhibit showcasing highlights from the Kenneth Rose Music Collection. Kenneth D.
This exhibit will have you wearing roses. By the way, are you yellow or red?
Online exhibit examining the history behind the famous Scopes Trial, a court case that received nati
Online exhibit featuring portraits of President Abraham Lincoln.
A British frigate pursuing an American schooner
Online exhibit chronicling the political and military actions of Tennesseans in the War of 1812.
Sunflowers in a Quilted Vase (Oil Pastel), Elementary School Student, Tennessee School for the Blind
Online exhibit showcasing artwork created by students in Monica Leister’s art classes at the Tenness
Online exhibit chronicling the events of the Civil War in Tennessee during 1863.
Online exhibit exploring some of the state's most trying times, from the New Madrid Earthquake