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How Tennessee Is Protecting the Ballot Box:

  • Voting machines used in Tennessee are not connected to the internet.
  • Bipartisan county election commissions must ensure voting machines are publicly tested before every election.
  • Ineligible voters are removed from voter rolls through mandated list maintenance procedures.
  • All elections are administered locally and overseen by a bipartisan county election commission.
  • Tennesseans must present a valid Tennessee or federally issued government photo ID to vote. IDs issued by other states, private organizations, and college student IDs are not acceptable.
  • Tennessee law does not allow Election Day registration.
  • Voters must request a ballot and meet one of fourteen qualifying conditions to vote absentee by-mail.
  • Election officials match the signature on the absentee by-mail ballot envelope with the one on file in the Elections office.
  • Absentee by-mail ballots are watermarked.
  • Bipartisan counting boards count absentee by-mail votes.
  • Absentee by-mail ballots cast during early voting are not counted until Election Day.
  • Bipartisan poll officials help tabulate election results at polling locations.
  • Election Day totals are unofficial. All county election commissions must verify election results before they are certified.
  • Tennessee law does not allow out-of-state poll watchers or foreign election observers.
  • Tennessee law places strong restrictions on private funding of election administration.
  • Committing voter fraud is a felony in Tennessee.


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