Bring the Archives to your classroom!

Throughout the school year, Tennessee State Library & Archives offers a traveling DocsBox program to Tennessee schools in all 95 counties. These twelve DocsBoxes are educational resources that provide hands-on original and reproduction materials and historical primary sources that supplement the Tennessee social studies curriculum standards.  Topics range from various wars that Tennesseans participated in to the social and economic features of the Roaring Twenties. Each DocsBox includes creative and unique lesson plans created by current classroom teachers as well as all the materials needed for the different activities.

Each DocsBox has a two-week reservation period. If multiple teachers in a school want to use the DocsBox, it can be reserved for an additional week. This additional week must be confirmed in the original reservation.

To reserve the DocsBox:

Select the DocsBox you would like to reserve

  • View the appropriate DocsBox calendar for availability
  • Fill out the contact form for the specific DocsBox with an open availability
  • Wait for confirmation from education staff

Returning a DocsBox:

  • Do an inventory! Make sure that all materials are returned in the DocsBox. Fill out the inventory form included in each DocsBox.
  • Keep all shipping materials, including shipping box and bubble wrap. You will need these items when you ship the DocsBox back to the Library & Archives            .
  • Place the shipping label (included in the DocsBox) on the front of the shipping box and schedule a pickup for Fedex Ground from your school. Contact information for Fedex is provided on the memo for the traveling DocsBox.
  • Confirm with education staff that the DocsBox has been shipped.

Available DocsBox