Public library trustees are entrusted with many responsibilities of governing your local public library. Finances, advocacy, policymaking, personnel issues, and ethics are just a snapshot of what local library board members discuss and decide for the betterment of the library.

comparison of responsibilities between the trustee, library director, regional library, and friends group is helpful to define the role of the trustee.

The Trustee Certification Program is a way for trustees to gain experience and information about the library landscape of Tennessee, pillars of being a library trustee, and proper protocol to be an effective board member. Consisting of ten modules, trustees will watch a video explaining a topic and then take a small quiz afterward.

The Trustee Workshop is an annual all-day event specially crafted to bring trustees together and hear from Regional and State Library & Archives staff about the latest trustee-related news, guidelines, and best practices. This event, usually held in late September or early October, is a great opportunity for networking and discussion with public library trustees all over Tennessee.