Introduction to LSTA

The Tennessee State Library and Archives implements the “Grants to States” program to support statewide initiatives and competitive grant programs for libraries with those federal funds received under the Museum and Library Services Act of 2010.

The Institute for Museum and Library Services, an independent federal agency, provides funds to State Library Administrative Agencies to improve and support library, museum and information services. The legislation outlines the following broad priorities, excerpted below:

  • expanding services for learning and access to information ... ;
  • establishing or enhancing electronic and other linkages and improved coordination among and between libraries ... ;
  • providing training and professional development, including continuing education, to enhance the skills of the current library workforce ... ;
  • developing public and private partnerships with other agencies and community-based organizations;
  • targeting library services to individuals of diverse geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, to individuals with disabilities, and to individuals with limited functional literacy or information skills;
  • developing library services that provide all users access to information ...

IMLS Budget Impact

The Tennessee State Library and Archives uses the funds to improve library services to residents and increase the capacity of Tennessee libraries to serve their users. It also provides a range of services and programs to public, academic and school libraries and librarians as well as Tennessee residents. You can find more details on these programs and their impact in the following documents.

How are LSTA funds used?

The State Library and Archives uses LSTA funds to provide all state residents with online access to essential library and information resources, including licensed databases, a statewide library catalog and interlibrary loan system, bibliographic services, and materials for the disadvantaged.

Knowledgeable librarians use LSTA funding to help patrons access essential information on a wide range of topics. They offer training on resume development; help on web searches of job banks; workshops on career information; links to essential educational and community services; assistive devices for people with disabilities; family literacy classes; homework help and mentoring programs; information on religions and other cultures; access to government information; a forum for enhanced civic engagement; and so much more.

For questions about LSTA in Tennessee, contact Jennifer Cowan-Henderson, Director of Planning and Development.

2018-2022 Tennessee LSTA Five Year Plan

2013-2017 Tennessee LSTA Five Year Plan

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