State Library and Archives - Online Resources

The Tennessee State Library and Archives holds hundreds of family Bible records in several formats and within many collections.
Genealogy Index Search
Search military records, vital records and other Tennessee resources indexed by our staff over many years.
Patriot Paths Map
Patriot Paths is a work in progress that uses Revolutionary War pension records to map the paths that soldiers took before and after their service.
TEL Tennessee Electronic Library
Free access to over 400,000 magazines, journal, and newspaper articles, essays, podcasts, videos, e-books, primary source materials, and more!
Public Library Directory Graphic
Search this online directory of all public libraries and services in Tennessee by county, region, or city.
A collection of pamphlets and newspapers, which document the diverse perspectives of the Civil War Era (1840-1865).
A searchable collection of over 7,000 articles chronicling the Civil War in Tennessee from September 1, 1861 through September 30, 1865.
A service to borrow materials from other libraries for a short period of time when your library does not own those materials.
The Tennessee State Library and Archives welcomes interns and volunteers who would like to be involved in aspects of library and archival work.
Interactive map showing refugee camps, USCT recruiting stations, and other sites connected with the African American experience in Tennessee from 1861
Workshop Series presentation
Come hear experts from the TSLA and other institutions present information useful for scholars, genealogists, and historical researchers.
Library for Accessible Books and Media
A free library program of recorded, large print, and braille materials for Tennessee residents who are not able to use standard print materials.
This web page proves links to web sites that can be useful to those researching Tennessee history and genealogy.
Links to Nashville city directories which have been scanned and can be viewed online.
This page is the introduction to the newspapers held at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
Planning and Development Compas pointing to Planning
This department provides professional leadership and assistance in focused areas for all public libraries in the state.
Public Library Trustees
READS offers over 100,000 digital ebooks, audiobooks, and videos to patrons of public libraries that belong to the Tennessee Regional Library System.
Public library standards provide specific criteria by which libraries can be measured and evaluated.
Information about local government archives and can be searched by county or the local government archives name.
Aerial photos, topography, road systems, and land plots are all linked to narrative information about events of the Civil War.
Standards and Documents
Public library standards provide specific criteria by which libraries can be measured and evaluated.
Tennessee Supreme Court Cases represent the period from about 1809 to 1950 and is an especially valuable resource for historical and genealogical rese